This farm began in 1991, when a newly-wed husband and wife named Bill and Angell Clark decided to start leasing orchards to make a living. They started with nothing to their name except a green-thumb, a passion for building, and one employee named Baltazar Jimenez. Bill was an early proponent of organic farming and converted his acreage before popularity or profitability became factors in the decision. He simply believed it was a better way to operate for the soil and those who worked in the soil.

The apple industry experienced highs and lows in the 90's but the couple eventually found success in 2001 with a bold investment in a promising new apple variety called Honeycrisp. To this day, Bill and Angell are recognized for growing some of the best tasting Organic Honeycrisp in the region. Their farm is known for focusing on quality over quantity and they've strived and succeeded in growing the best organic produce available while keeping their farm under 200 acres.  

In addition to their farming achievements, the couple raised two daughters who love the farm as much as they do. The older daughter went on to become a computer scientist while the younger daughter developed, with her father, a brand name and direct sales avenue for the families superior fruit named Chelan Beauty.


Bill Clark

"Farming is a career for those who stayed true to past generation values: to work hard, invest in what lasts (land), and do right by your community. It always helps to be an optimist, too"

Bill Clark is a regionally renowned organic farmer with over 20 years experience growing award-winning organic honeycrisp in the Lake Chelan valley. He's known by his daughters as the "King of Honeycrisp" and by his employees as the "Jolly Farmer."



This tolerant man is my dad, Bill. Over a lifetime of lectures he has taught me so much– including the value of finding meaningful work that can serve the planet as well as a community. He showed me that your ability to make a difference goes up with every family we employ and every acre of soil we sustainability till.

The way Bill sees it, we have three homes: our planet, our body and our community and a true leader knows how to take care of them all symbiotically. He urged me to start a business, and I wouldn't be doing this venture any justice without showcasing his legendary organic fruit.

According to Bill, it's not what you do but how you do it. What he does is grow divine, deliciously life-changing organic produce grown from the land his family homesteaded. What do I do? I'll share it will you under the only brand name that could possibly do his commodity any justice– Chelan Beauty.  

I invite you to join us on this journey.



“The fact is that while there has been a good deal of discussion for and against women in business, farm women have always been business women, and I have never heard a protest.”