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Organic Fuji Apples
Candis Goldstein
Best apples

The best apples I’ve ever eaten. In perfect condition— love the carrier. Highly recommend

Thank you, Candis! This makes us so happy to hear as we strive to deliver the freshest, top-quality organic fruit to our customers. If Fuji's are your favorite, you can always subscribe in the future to get 10% off each order! :)

Great customer service!

We had an issue where delivery was delayed (no fault of Chelan Beauty) and the product sat outside in below-freezing weather and was ruined. I contacted Chelan Beauty and they promptly responded the same day - and processed and redelivered the next week. Very friendly and accommodating customer service.

Thanks for sharing, Carry :) When mother nature caused an unexpected delay with transit, we really appreciated your grace and understanding to reship a replacement at our earliest convenience. We will always face challenges shipping our products due to their fresh and organic nature, but we do our very best to get our delicious fruit safely to your (or your recipient's) door.

Absolutely Delicious!!!

I received a gift box with apples and dried fruits and I am now ADDICTED to the dried fruits. They are packed with so much flavor I have never had dry fruit filled with as much flavor as from Chelan Beauty. I will be ordering more SOON! We Had an amazing collaboration with my Aged Ladysmith in their Christmas Giftboxes and it was a great experience and really exciting to have our product in a box with their delicious fruit. THANK YOU

Thanks Amber! We, too, were very thankful to collab with you and promote these organic gift boxes. Our freeze-dried fruits go through a different process than dried fruit, so the color, structure, flavor, and nutrients tend to hold up better, leaving the fruit colorful, crunchy, and FULL of flavor!

Honey Crisps

The best! I will probably be ratcheting up my subscription. These are incredible treats. I cannot say enough, you’ll have to try for yourself.

It was nice chatting with you the other day, Christina! We're so happy you came across our Freeze-Dried Honeycrisp - they are such a tasty treat without the guilt! We'd love for you to come visit our farm next time you're in Chelan!

Give Forward

My sister sent your wonderful apples to me and I was so impressed, I sent them to some dear friends. I was amazed how efficiently and quickly the shipments get processed and sent. I am a loyal NW woman and am proud to share the fruits of our incredible region. Thank you so much!

Thank you Kathy, we really appreciate your support and love that you paid the gift forward to your friends! We really wanted to create something special, and we plan to continue having gift boxes available year-round!

Best apples ever!

The apples were a gift. My friends actually said that they were the best apples that they had ever had!

Thank you for supporting our family farm by gifting our organic apples! Although we experienced some shipping delays due to the recent weather over the holidays, we're pleased to hear the apples ended up arriving in great condition and brought some smiles and happiness to your friends. :)


Been buying these for several years as an office holiday treat. The cookies and candies that accumulate that time of year are wonderful, but it's nice to balance that out with a crisp juicy nutritious apple. Must be a common opinion because they always go fast. It'd be hard to imagine apples can be better than this. But if anyone can do it Chelan Beauty would be the one. I guess I'll have to order again and see.

We thank you for sharing your office's experience (and love) for our apples! I sliced up some of our Honeycrisp for a snack the other night and boy were they a juicy and satisfying treat! Our small team takes pride in our organic growing methods, and we work hard to ensure our premium product arrives as fresh and delicious as possible. We really appreciate your kind feedback, Tim! :)

Fabulous Gift Idea

My brother and his wife love these apples and were excited about the addition of cheese this year (this is the 2nd year I sent the apples). It's great to send something from my home state that's so appreciated.

We appreciate your continued support, Deborah. We were also really excited about the addition of the cheese, and so glad the recipients of the gifts are enjoying the combo! Samish Bay Cheese has been wonderful to work with, and we are thrilled to be able to share their local organic cheese with our customers for the perfect pairing to our organic apples. :)

Wonderful Christmas Gift

My Family really enjoyed apples and cheese. They said it was fresh and delightful!! Perfect gift for those with dietary restrictions. A keeper!

Thank you for supporting us this Holiday season, Shelly! We were really excited about the organic gift boxes we created as it's such a nice alternate option for gifting. :) We plan to keep these available year-round, as there's always a special event (like birthday's and thank you's) where these would be perfect to gift again. :)

Delicious, healthy organic fruit!

We love receiving our fresh fruit from Chelan! So far everything has been very fresh and delicious. I love knowing where my food comes from and that it’s organic. The fruit is always so tasty that nothing is ever wasted like some of the tasteless fruit you buy in the store.

Thank you Libby! We are so appreciative of your club membership and look forward to building a relationship with you so you can continue to learn about your local food source. We'd love to invite you out to our farm in Chelan for a visit - we do little events like our blueberry U-pick in the summer, and have a little farm store open on-site!

Honey Crisp apples were sent from here to Tennessee. They were packed beautifully. The apples were fresh and crisp.

Thank you, Rod! Our team works hard to ensure our fruit is packaged up securely and safely for transit. We're so happy we can ship our apples to customers around the country for enjoyment. :)

Great products, best off-season treats

The Freeze-dried organic cherries and blueberries were extremely delicious! They are the best choices when the fresh fruits are not available. Especially the cherry season is so short! The Freeze-dry is the only way to keep all nutritions except vitamin C.
The only problem is once the bag is open, your fingers just can’t stop until the bag is empty ;) —and they are expensive. Will definitely buy again.

Thank you, Yadi! You've been a pleasure to get to know and we can't wait for fresh cherry and blueberry season to arrive next year so you can experience that fresh fruit you've been waiting for! The freeze-dried is a great option for off-season fruits. :) It's also hard for us not to finish a whole bag once we open them - too delicious!

Great Quality

Ordered the sampler pack and was really happy about the quality and taste of the dried fruit. The honeycrisp apples were my favorite. Packaging was beautiful, order came quick, will definitely order again. Good option for sending a gift too.

Thank you for the kind words! We appreciate your local support and are so happy you enjoyed the Freeze-Dried Sampler. The Honeycrisp also seem to be a staff favorite. :) Remember when you purchase next time that you will automatically save 10% if you subscribe for recurring orders!

Organic Rainier Cherries

We have had many orders of amazing apples from Chelan Beauty, so we expected the same quality from the Rainier Cherries. They were molding and bruised.. there were less than 20% of the cherries that we ate. The rest went in the trash. I was also irritated to see non-organic Rainier Cherries in my local store for $11 per pound. We paid $70 for 1 lbs of rotten organic cherries.. I’m thinking aside from the apples, we will probably only purchase frozen fruits online now.

Thank you for reaching out to us about the Rainiers, Nathan. We appreciate the photos and feedback that you provided to us and again, we completely understand the disappointment you must've had when receiving your order, as this is not the kind of experience we want our customers to have when receiving Chelan Beauty fruit. We thank you for understanding the challenges we face when shipping a perishable product, but please know we are continually trying to find ways to improve. Giving our customers an enjoyable experience and opportunity to connect with their food sources is one of our top priorities, so we truly appreciate your support and understanding in this matter, and for working with us to find a way to correct your experience. We hope to do business with you again in the future!

Delicious and large cherries

With the weather we have had, cherries have been hard to find in stores or farmers markets. Just as well since these cherries are large, sweet, and delicious without the bruising that accompanies most other cherries. Definitely a worthwhile treat!

Thank you Valorie, we have always appreciated your ongoing support over the years. :) Due to our high elevation, we were very fortunate that our hail storms did not damage our cherries this season! In fact, I think they taste even better this year than last! 'Tis the season!

Hottest day of the yeat

This is the hottest day of the year, and the blueberries on top of the ice packs in the cooler were still cold. Chilling in the refrigerator now, then will freeze for wonderfulness in the winter!

Thank you, Mary! We have put a lot of thought and testing into both the packaging and the shipping to ensure our fruit arrives in as perfect condition as possible, so we are thrilled to hear your berries arrived chilled and ready to eat! They are truly a treat this time of year!

Wow! Perfect pink lady apples…in July?

Well quite frankly I didn’t have very much hope. I was expecting my apples to be half baked when they arrived… literally. I imagined kind of warm and mushy. The air temp in VA was 90+ degrees. What was the temp in all those trucks?

The package arrived. Despite a broken ankle, I hobbled out to get the box. Opened the box right there in the driveway. Oh my … a bag, with handles? Unzipped the top… grabbed one and took a bite. Ok, it was a bit warm… but crisp and delicious!

Well done, everyone. Very well done indeed!

Thank you for your kinds words and honest feedback, Caroline! Our small team has been busy testing and researching our packaging and shipping procedures to ensure high quality upon delivery! We are very pleased the apples arrived in nearly perfect condition! It is true that we are now in July - we suspect that we may run out of apples in the coming weeks/month, but we will be transitioning to our fresh cherries and blueberries here in a few weeks so we will have other delicious fruit available until apples return in the fall! You'll have to give them a try!

Great apples!

I sent these as a thank you gift to an apple lover. He’s said they were wonderful.

Thank you for choosing Chelan Beauty to gift organic apples. We appreciate you sharing your review with us!

Fresh, Sweet Apples in Florida

The cripp and the pinova was the best. The honey crisp was tops also. Beautiful "cold" bag that they were in. Shipped very well, no damage.

Thank you for your review! We are so happy to be able to get you fresh and delicious apples all the way to Florida! We appreciate your support of our small family farm. :)

Organic Honey Crisp Apples

These are - without a doubt - the most delicious Honey Crisp apples I have ever eaten! Flavor, texture, and juiciness were sublime. Will definitely order again!

It makes us so happy that you are enjoying Chelan Beauty's Organic Honeycrisp Apples! They most certainly are a farm favorite. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review with us, Sherri, and we thank you for your support. :)

Fresh to Texas

Thank you for sharing direct your organic Honeycrisp apples! I look forward to receiving them each time! Fantastic flavor, juicy and crisp!

Our small family farm thanks you for your kind review, Andra! It makes us so happy to be able to offer our fresh organic apples from Chelan directly to your door in Texas. And thank you for subscribing - we really appreciate your support! Cherries and blueberries will also coming soon so keep an eye out!

Taste So Good

Granny Smith apples always remind me of holiday pies baking in the oven. I was not able to find these organic apples locally so I tried my luck on line. Glad I found Chelan Beauty. The apples are large and crisp and are delivered in a nice
zippered, insulated tote. I will definitely order again.

Organic Fuji Apples
Colleen Gusler

The apples come in perfect condition, no bruising. They are sweet crunchy and the convenience of the delivery is great. Highly recommend.

Build-A-Box Organic Apples
Quintin Schnehage
So good!

Chelan's apples are so crisp and tart, just how I like them. Delivery is quick and the folks are so friendly. Try them - you won't be sorry!

Love these apples!

Chelan's apples are so crisp and tart, just how I like them. Delivery is quick and the folks are so friendly. Try them - you won't be sorry!