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Great Quality

The 6 pound box of Fuji’s were great. Just the right amount to make some applesauce and add a couple to fruit salad for my visiting kids this weekend. So sweet that all I did was add a little cinnamon to the cooked apples for applesauce that everyone enjoyed. Organic apples are a must, and Chelan Beauty is the best!

Yummy tart apples

Picked these up at the farm and they were all in perfect condition! I kept mine in my fridge and snacked on them all month. I will be ordering again!

Great-Tasting Dried Blueberries

Blueberries are my favorite, and these were high quality! My favorite way to use them is in homemade granola over yogurt.😋

Chelan Apples

Sweet, crisp and the perfect size. We love our Chelan Apple delivery!

Nice and fresh

We ordered the sampler and it arrived promptly but several were bruised as if the box were dropped. So far the honey crisp is the favorite. The Gala just did not taste like a Gala to me. Still have two types to try.

Pre-Paid Apple Sampler Box

I would give these apples ten stars if I could. We got a sampler box. I love ambrosia the most so far, sweet and juicy, and skin is not tough. We are really pleased with our purchase.

Great gift!

I sent this box as a gift and the recipient loved the apples, said she was enjoying every crisp, sweet bite. I was pleased that it only took a few days from ordering to get to her out of state address.

Pre-Paid Apple Sampler Box
Apples Likes How Apples Should Be

We are receiving the sampler box and couldn't be more pleased. The apples are perfect to point that you can eat 99% of every apple. No bruises or worm holes as we have seen other organic apples. The most amazing part of the apples are the taste. They taste like apples with so much flavor, unlike most apples in the grocery store. Thank you so much for this service.

Cripps pink apples

Discovered these apples at a farmers market and fell in love with the taste of these apples. Couldn’t find them again, then found them at this company! Shipping was relatively good for the pandemic. Apples paced well for shipment. Delicious taste! My favorite apple. Very happy with this company, will order again


Absolutely love these blueberries...such a tasty treat!! Hard to stop eating them. Lol!

Summer | Fruit Club
Wow this is the freshest fruit I’ve ever had!!

I usually love to checkout road stands and farmers markets to find the freshest WA fruit, but Chelan Beauty packs and delivers on harvest day and I believe it!!! It’s as if I went to the orchard and picked them myself. Worth every penny!!!

Love these beautiful apples!

We love these beautiful apples and the wonderful customer service too!!


Excellent Apples!! We are very happy with CHELAN BEAUTY!!! THANK YOU !!!!!

Fresh, delicious!


Gala apples arrived in perfect condition & are delicious.


Love the apples!

Received them in Perfect! Condition

The apples arrived in a very nicely packaged box. They were in perfect condition when we received them. The apples are wonderful. My wife likes to eat them directly, and she bakes some that are delicious as backed.

Great traveling apples

We always send fresh apples or pears to our family. This year we tried Chelan Besuty and sent 35 lbs to family. They were received in excellent condition.
The variety was perfect and fit all tastes.
This is the best apple quality and delivery we have experienced and will definitely use Chelan Beauty again.
Thank you for helping us send the perfect gift!

Good apples. Bad packaging.

I loved the apples. We ordered a huge number of apples and were disappointed by the amount of plastic used in the packaging. There were more than a dozen plastic clam shells containing 4 apples each. I’ve ordered fruit for delivery many times but have never seen so much plastic used. I prefer to buy from a company that uses compostable not plastic packaging.


Love your apples , came form Ohio , where we got pink lady apples. When we moved out to California, apples in the grocery store
had no taste. I am so happy again to have apples that taste like an apple. Boy when you make an apple pie with your apples
your in heaven. Even better the apples are organic. My granddaughter love your apples and she can eat one all most everyday.
I will be ordering more soon.


Quality of apples was acceptable but for one bruised and long time from order to delivery.

Excellent service. The product which I ordered arrived in perfect shape (no bruises) and got there in said time. Will be purchasing from this company again in the future due to its service.


Spent so much time looking online for my home state of NY for Organic Granny Smith apples to have shipped to me. Finally had to get them from across the continent ! They are good, shipped well, packaged well.
Have not been able to get them since March as I am "high risk" and granny smiths are the only fruit other than blueberries that don't blow up my blood sugar.
My favorite is having them cut up in a salad with escarole (even harder to find online), feta, peruvian olives, olive oil, fresh lemon. They are my dessert after dinner with a little salt on them.

Tasty apples

The apples were crispy and sweet. Will order again.

These apples are well worth it!!

I ordered the sampler so I could try different types, some I had never heard of before. They are all delicious and arrived in perfect shape. I would order again.