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Best Blues!

I absolutely love the Freeze Dried Blueberries!!! They are so good in yogurt, oatmeal or as a snack. I eat so much of these I had to add them to my subscription box! Order these and you will not regret it!

Organic Honeycrisp Apples
Florence Jensen
Simply the Best!

I have never tasted Honeycrisps like those grown in your orchard—crisp and sooooo flavorful! These apples truly are in a category by themselves. (We have a friend who has spent a lifetime growing apples in Minnesota, and he credits the Honeycrisp with saving the apple industry.)
I will be ordering more as soon as my schedule allows me to be home to receive the next big box!


Excellent apples


Honeycrisp apples are the best. Crisp, juicy, and full of flavor. I am just getting ready to order another large box. Thank you for your great service and quality fruit.

excellent apples arrived in good time

as usual, apples arrived well packed box. Nice crispy and sweet. Thank you

Love these apples! They taste so good! My granddaughter’s favorite snack. The apples are crisp and juicy and satisfy that crunchy craving!

Best apples I have eaten. Very sweet and juicy.


I have enjoyed all the apples That I have ordered from Chelan Beauty! They are crisp and fresh with great flavor. Thank you!

Great flavor and so crisp. A perfect apple for eating fresh. Might be my husband’s new favorite, but any organic apple is my favorite.

Yummy apples

Sweetango are so yummy, the perfect mix of sweet and tart! Chelan Beauty delivers in a quick and efficient way and the apples are perfection!

Worth Every Penny and Then Some

We are apple lovers in my family, and apple pie has been my son’s “birthday cake” since he was old enough to say “apple pie.”😁
We appreciate all the hard work that goes into the growing and harvesting of these SweeTangos! I would be hard pressed to find a finer apple 🍎🍏

Organic Blueberries
Olga Veter-Eluska
wonderful blueberries!

Wonderful blueberries, giving them top rating!


Gorgeous, sweet, delicious cherries were delivered with care to our family in Texas. Customer service was excellent. We will definitely order more fruit from Chelan Beauty in the future.

Organic Red Cherries
LINDA Lamarche
Great cherries

Upon receipt of your cherries, stems were nice and green; crunchy good. But, cherries started deteriorating within 3 days causing me to toss out half of my order. I should order a smaller order next year to prevent waste.

These are so much better than I imagined!!

They sent me a sample of these in the mail and I'm so glad they did because I never would have tried them otherwise. Holy Cow!!! These are freaking amazing, I've started telling everyone I know about this company. I'm never disappointed with anything they do. 99% of the time the fruit is a million times fresher tasting than even road side fruit stands. They offer route shipping protection too, which means that if anything is bruised or damaged I can get my money back through the app. So easy. They stand by their fresh guarantee as well, one time I left my apples on the countertop for a week (rookie mistake!) and they started to look a tad less fresh and I sent them a photo and they refunded me, no other questions asked.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

sweet, crisp and size is perfect on the small side. I was never into apples, but your Honeycrisp has become a daily treat for me. Thank you for Mother Nature's fruit.

Love these apples

I have ordered several times from this company and really pleased with the size and taste of the apples. Purchase the sampler package this time and received in a timely fashion. My favorite are the honey crisp snd the cripps pink

Great Blueberry Flavor

We love these freeze-dried blueberries. The blueberry flavor is intense and they make a great snack. Can’t go wrong with organic berries.

They know what they are doing

Very good apples arrived well packed. Most vendors send apples that are so poorly packaged that the majority are bruised. Not so with Chelan.

Wonderful Gala Apples

This is my first time buying from you - and he apples arrived promptly and were crisp and fresh - will be buying from you again. You sent me a sample of your dried blueberries - love them - in fact I bought 2 packages of them to put in my salads.

the Fuji apples are better than any you can buy in a store--tart, crisp. The way they are packaged insures that they will arrive without any blemishes or exposure to heat. Yu did enclose a complimentary packet of dried blueberries and they are delicious, tart, sweet. I will add them to my next order..


We loved the apples!


Everything I want in a Honey Crisp and more.
They are my favorite but I will have to try others.
Thank you!


The apples were excellent. Thank you. And customer service is beyond wonderful.

Great Quality

The 6 pound box of Fuji’s were great. Just the right amount to make some applesauce and add a couple to fruit salad for my visiting kids this weekend. So sweet that all I did was add a little cinnamon to the cooked apples for applesauce that everyone enjoyed. Organic apples are a must, and Chelan Beauty is the best!