To build a food industry business model that is designed in sync with mother nature. That inspires other small farms to follow suit, and ultimately offers a sustainable antidote to the current food industries waste and inefficiencies. 

Our plan for a better food chain


Diamondback Acres est. 1989

Diamondback Acres was founded in 1989 by Bill and Angell Clark.  Starting with nothing but a green-tumb and a passion for building, this couple created a business that gives more than it takes. Providing jobs for over 12 local families, this sustainable farming business has managed to keep over 200 acres of green eye-candy from residential development.

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Glacier Fed Organics est. 2018

Our beloved packing operation facilitates our ability to supply our fruit to some of your favorite sustainable NW markets including PCC and Central Co-Ops. Our packing operation is named Glacier Fed Organics and is owned by the same couple, Bill and Angell Clark, and managed and operated by the Diamondback Acre's leadership team. 

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The Store

Chelan Beauty est. 2019

Chelan Beauty® is the brand name of all fruit grown by our organic farming operation, Diamondback Acres.  Lake Chelan is a known tourist attraction, but the true legacy of this area comes from the fresh fruit that is grown here. Industry knowledge agrees that better fruit is grown in Lake Chelan, and the best fruit in Chelan is grown by Bill Clark and carries the name Chelan Beauty®

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