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Organic Cripps Pink Apples


Organic Cripps Pink Apples

Most Cripps Pink apples (also known as the Pink Lady) in the US are grown right here in Washington state, and we are particularly proud of ours. Choose from a small box of 12 or a large box of 24. We sort and hand-select every single apple we pack ensuring every order is premium and fresh. 

Cripps Pink hold their color well after cutting, making them great for salads and fruit trays.

The low-calorie, low-fat Cripps Pink is an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, iron, and pectin, which is good for digestion. 

In season: October - May 

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Grown by: Diamondback Acres aka Chelan Beauty

Click here to see all of our farm's certifications

Small Box= 12 apples
 Large Box =  24 apples

WA locals will be able to choose UPS ground shipping at checkout for roughly >$11.00 and receive their fruit box within 48 hrs of coming off the tree.

All orders are shipped Tuesdays + Wednesdays. Once harvest commences, we pick and pack all days of the week but Tuesdays + Wednesdays are reserved for online orders. 

We set our shipping profile to make sure that no mistakes occur.  This means that if you are located out of WA state (California for example), the only shipping options will be next day shipping.  

To get an estimate on the cost of shipping, go to the cart and scroll down to find the shipping estimator.  You can enter your zip code to get a real-time UPS rate for shipping to your location.  

All fruit packing for online orders occurs on Tuesdays + Wednesdays, regardless of order date. We harvest M-Su so your fruit will still arrive to you in >48 hrs from coming off the branch. 

We use home compostable thermal liners in each box. These thermal liners will dissolve in your sink under running water, and are made primarily of corn.  Our boxes are made locally in WA state, and all recycled plastic clamshells are made from 70% pre-used plastic, fully recyclable and sourced from the US. 

The plastic is necessary to protect the fruit, but we are working hard to find a better solution that is rigid enough to protect fragile varieties.  

97% of our cherries go to retail markets like PCC, Central Co-Op, New Seasons Market, ect, and are packaged in home compostable bags.   Thank you for your patience as we work towards becoming the most earth friendly fruit delivery option available.

Since our facility packages fruit that gets shipped all over the west coast, our safety standards are higher than that of retailers.  Click here to see our current certifications.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

delicious- hopw they are organic!

Cheryl Paganelli
Cripps pink apples

Discovered these apples at a farmers market and fell in love with the taste of these apples. Couldn’t find them again, then found them at this company! Shipping was relatively good for the pandemic. Apples paced well for shipment. Delicious taste! My favorite apple. Very happy with this company, will order again

Cliff Meyer
Pink ladies are my new favorite

Happy to find pink ladies even though they are out of season where I live.

Shawna Higgins
Wonderful Apples and great company

We had a little mishap with shipping and Chelan Beauty was amazing, they shipped another shipment right out, this is the kind of business I love to support. And let me tell you the apples are amazing!!!

Meredith Shropshire
Beautiful fresh tasty apples!

Such a treat to have mailed to treat a loved one!

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